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Target Tennis™ -What's it all about?

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I often ask students of the game this question: "What technology would you say has advanced the sport of tennis more so than anything else?" They will often reply: "Racquet technology," or "Fitness training," or "The balls are harder and lighter..." -Well, those are all good answers, but the facts will show that SLOW MOTION PHOTOGRAPHY has advanced the sport of tennis more so than anything else in recent years.


Decades ago, tennis magazines had articles with theories about how players like Bjorn Borg were able to hit with so much topspin, and what was happening when his racquet strings made contact with the ball. With the advancement of slow motion photography, we can now see exactly what is happening at the moment of contact between the ball and the player's racquet strings AND where their EYES are focused, and we can more quickly learn from it and model the best examples in the game for any given shot.

Target Tennis™ is about having a complete understanding of what happens, -or what needs to happen, in that critical millisecond of contact between the ball and your racquet strings, and, it's about training yourself to focus your eyes 100% on the contact event while VISUALIZING (in your mind) the correct TARGET, especially when hitting from the baseline, where 90% of your shots are made from. From the baseline, you should be VISUALIZING a fixed position well above the net. -That's "THE SECRET"...


Watch this video of Roger Federer, over and over again. -Particularly notice his eyes and the position of his racquet face upon contact with the ball, and how he is actually brushing up the back of the ball, to impart the topspin...


His eyes are so focused on the contact event between his racquet strings and the ball, that you can tell he is VISUALIZING (in his mind) his TARGET, -a fixed position above the net. So many things are happening in an instant (of time), that most players, and even the "pros," are not aware of this fact. Study this video and model Roger's example in front of a mirror, -and then, on the practice court. Also watch David Ferrer's shot in the second video on this page below. Watch BOTH videos carefully, over and over again:

So, the next time you hear John McEnroe say: "He really likes a target," -you'll know the target is really in the player's mind, and it's a fixed position above the net! Not even JohnnyMac has ever told you that, but THAT is the critical SECRET, -or new fundamental that needs to be taught to all players, young, old, beginner and experienced, alike. You will not find this SECRET revealed on any other website or hear it from any other teaching pro out there, unless it has been copied from this website. -$100 REWARD if you do, as long as it was published before this website. Check out "The Secret to Learning Tennis" blog at the bottom of the Home page for more details, and see the Shop link above for targets, lessons, backboards and gift ideas.


Watch the video below and let me know who you think REALLY made the more outstanding shot, Novak Djokovik or David Ferrer. (watch the replay carefully). David's down the line passing attempt confirmed my target theory back in 2012 and inspired the launch of Target Tennis International. David could not have even attempted that shot unless his target (a fixed position above the net) was in his mind. His back was turned toward the net until the moment of contact with the ball, there was no time for him to look or "aim." -He was visualizing a fixed position above the net. Target Tennis™ teaches this new fundamental and is the future of tennis! Watch this video carefully:

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