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Tennis Lessons, Racquet Sales & Stringing, Targets, Backboards & Instructor Training.
DO NOT buy a new racquet or restring until I have seen your strokes, I may have specific recommendations to help you make even faster progress!  

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THE SECRET to Learning Tennis is revealed HERE.
"I can train your child to become a future Tennis Champion!"
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Welcome to: Target Tennis™
The best way to learn the game!™

Q: How many times have you heard John McEnroe, Mary Carillo or Jim Courier say this while calling a pro match:

"He/She really likes a target"...?

The fact is, EVERY player likes a target. But, if your eyes are focused on the contact between the ball and your racquet strings, WHERE or WHAT IS YOUR TARGET?

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Notable quotes from the man who discovered THE SECRET to learning tennis:

"Visualizing a target is FUNDAMENTAL

to learning tennis."

"Players who learn to VISUALIZE the correct target rarely hit balls into the net."

"Tennis is NOT rocket science, -it's about striking a ball and clearing a net."

"Tennis champions of the future

will practice extensively with targets and backboards."

"Peripheral vision is closely related to SPACIAL AWARENESS, of yourself in relation to the court. -In the same way that a hockey player takes a slap-shot on goal."


"Teaching with circular, above-the-net targets shortens the learning curve for beginners."

It's not about force, it's about finesse.

"A REWARD is offered to anyone who can show me these tennis concepts, in print or on-line, prior to being revealed on this website." -Coach Brian

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