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Welcome to tennis training in the 21st century! -Remote, on-court, coaching is now possible. Record yourself and send your video to Coach Brian for expert analysis, or, connect LIVE, for 2-way, remote coaching with the man who discovered THE SECRET to learning tennis. (Live, 2-way coaching requires iPad with wifi, and cell phone with wireless headphones with a built-in microphone). Video review coaching starts at $20.00 per session. Live, 2-way, remote coaching starts at $40.00 per session. Coach Brian also offers training for players that would like to become a certified Target Tennis™ instructor and join our world-wide TennisTutors™ network. You can reserve your exclusive territory and we'll refer students to you. With Coach Brian's training, you can travel the world and create your own part-time, or full-time income. NOTE: World-wide, tennis is the fastest growing individual sport, and good instructors are in demand! Send an email for all the details.

TennisTutors™ Remote Coaching

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