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Why I chose to reveal "The Secret to Learning Tennis," free to all.

The Secret to Learning Tennis is revealed here!

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Maybe you saw the Val Kilmer / Elisabeth Shue movie "The Saint"(1997), where Elisabeth's character discovered the formula for cold fusion energy... It was a pretty cool movie and you can find it on youtube or amazon for only a few dollars. Basically, the attractive female scientist, Emma Russel, wanted the technology to be available to everyone because it would end much of the poverty/inequality in the world, create a more comfortable life for all and help the planet besides. Her noble example changed Simon Templar into a better man and the movie ends with the handsome couple living happily ever after. Nice to have something to watch besides zombies and vampires... Anyway, my goal is to make the TENNIS SECRET available to all who are also interested in improving their game and advancing the great sport of tennis. I have seen Target Tennis™ work so well that it made my job as an instructor easier. As an experiment, I took a group of six first time kids and I decided that rather than start with my usual 10-15 minute verbal introduction about safety, grips, lines and rules, I would simply set-up my hoop target in the middle of the court and have the kids watch me drop the ball, step and hit a few through the hoop from the baseline. I demonstrated this 5-6 times and then let them try. I laid their racquets on the ground and showed them to pick it up at the handle so that their grip would basically be semi-western after they picked it up. Each child took turns dropping and hitting balls and amazingly they all did very well. One or two of the kids were bouncing the ball too high rather than just dropping it, but that was easily corrected and the rest of the hour went very smoothly. At the end of the hour, I removed the hoop target and asked the kids to bounce and hit again from inside the baseline. I reminded them to imagine that the hoop target was still there. To my surprise, very few balls were hit into the net. I wish you could have been there to see the look of accomplishment on their faces as I told them how well they did. -The parents were impressed as well. I teach beginners that 90% of their shots from the baseline will be high over the net and land deep, down the middle of the court. Amazing too is that once they get the target concept, everything else seems to follow quite naturally in future lessons. Adjustments to their grip (so their racquet face is in the correct position upon contact with the ball) are easy, and they also figure out that the height of their mental target changes at times, depending on where in the court they are hitting from. They also learn how they need to adjust their pace and spin at times, to create the shot they need as a reply to their opponent's shot. (If kids catch on this easy, just imagine the fast results that are possible with adults who grasp the concept). Target training makes the instructor's job so much easier. (Instructor's are invited to learn our methods and add them to their own repertoires, send an email if you are interested in attending a training seminar. -If you are interested in becoming a new instructor, we can provide all the training you need to start your tennis career rolling. Check out the More link above). So, if I can advance the sport by letting "The Secret to Learning Tennis" out there, free to all, then I know that there will be other rewards down the road, -in addition to the many appreciative students of Target Tennis.™ Another goal in the works is to set up a foundation to get correct backboards with targets installed on more public courts for everyone to use. What ideas do you have to advance the sport? All the best, Coach Brian

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