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Steel base with plastic hoop and extension poles. Breaks down into a 36" x 30" package for easy travel, carry duffle is included. Helps students to visualize a target above the net when hitting from the baseline, and, learn spacial awareness of the court which is critical to hitting with depth and today's angles on the court. Adjustable height. Order at least two to practice baseline shots and driving approach shots, and, rally/passing shot drills.Target Tennis™ is the new fundamental and future of tennis. Quantity discounts to schools, clubs and city parks. Basic Model: $169.00 each, plus shipping.

Portable, Height-Adjustable Targets

SKU: TT1001-1002
  • Invaluable tool to help students to visualize a target(or fixed position) above the net when hitting from the baseline. Adjust the height higher for deep topspin shots or lower for driving approach and passing shots. Students that train with these targets rarely hit balls into the net.

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